Malayalam Bible Quiz Questions and Answers from Malachi | മലയാളം ബൈബിൾ ക്വിസ് (മലാഖി)

 Malayalam Bible Quiz on Malachi

Malayalam Bible Quiz on Malachi: Test Your Biblical Knowledge 

Malayalam Bible Quiz (മലയാളം ബൈബിൾ ക്വിസ്) : Questions and Answers from Malachi

Ready to test your Bible knowledge? We're kicking off a new quiz series with a quiz on the Book of Malachi. This book is the last of the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament.

Malachi was written during a time of great religious and moral decline in Judah. The book is a series of prophetic oracles denouncing the people's sinfulness and calling them to repentance.

How much do you know about this fascinating book of the Bible? Take our quiz and find out!

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Bible Quiz from Malachi in Malayalam

Malayalam Bible Quiz on Malachi(Multiple Choice Quiz Questions)

Malayalam Bible Quiz on Malachi

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